LatinR 2018

Latinamerican Conference About the Use of R in R&D

September 4th & 5th 2018

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About LatinR

We are part of 47 JAIIO, organised by SADIO and UP.

Talks by leaders of the use in R in various areas.

Oral presentations
Oral presentations

Presentations of research results and demonstrations of applications created with R.


Discuss ideas, ongoing research, experiences and challenges in the use of R.

Every submited work will be evaluated by our renowned Scientific Comitee.

Latest News

One month free subscription on DataCamp

The first works sent and accepted to LatinR will recieve, at the moment of registrarion, a free month subscription to DataCamp, the leading platform for online learning for languages like R and Python. One of the most remarkable features of DataC... Continue Reading


Prices are in argentine pesos (ARS). The value in parenthesis corresonds to registrations after july 10th 2018. More information (in spanish) at JAIIO’s website. Category1st article / Attendance Additional article General$2.000 ($2600)$1.000 (... Continue Reading

Keynote Speakers


  • University of Palermo - Engineering School
  • Mario Bravo 1050, Buenos Aires