Talks contributed by our sponsors

Productivity in R with RStudio

Javier Luraschi, Software Engineer at RStudio

Summary: The creators of R provided a platform to process statistical computing freely and openly, which has enabled collaboration and extended its benefits worldwide; because it is better for everyone if the tools we use in scientific research are free and open. Making scientific software free has many benefits: it is reproducible, promotes greater sharing of knowledge and techniques, and removes cost barriers so that everyone can participate. RStudio’s mission is to provide the best professional open source software with enterprise support for software applications and statistics using R. RStudio’s main product is an integrated development environment (IDE) that makes it easy for anyone to statistically analyze information with R. RStudio has also developed several packages for R, such as Shiny and R Markdown, which provide a platform for sharing interactive applications and reproducible reports. This session will introduce the tools and packages developed by RStudio.

3D printing using R

Lucas Pogorelsky, Coordinator of the School of Data Science, Escuela Argentina de Nuevas Tecnologías (EANT)

Abstract: This talk aims to present how to use R to generate a representation of data in 3 dimensions and generate the necessary file for 3D printing and thus generate a “physical” graph. We will use data from the Buenos Aires subways from the Open Data Portal of the City of Buenos Aires and we will use the tidyverse libraries for structured data manipulation, sf for georeferencing data manipulation and r2stl for the generation of the stl file necessary for 3D printing. In the talk you will be able to see the map of the City of Buenos Aires with the number of passengers that get on each subway station printed in 3 dimensions.

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