Prices are in argentine pesos (ARS). The value in parenthesis corresonds to registrations after july 10th 2018. More information (in spanish) at JAIIO’s website.

Category1st article /
Additional article
General$2.000 ($2600)$1.000 ($1.300)
JAIIO member (2)$1.000 ($1.300)$500 ($600)
Teacher (3)$1.200 ($1560)$600 ($780)
Doctoral Student (3)$1.200 ($1560)$600 ($780)
Graduate student (author JAIIO symposium)$1.200 ($1560)$600 ($780)
Graduate student (author EST Contest) (4) (5)$600 ($780)$300 ($390)
Graduate student (attendance) (4)$600 ($780)-
Graduate student JAIIO member (attendance) (4)$300 ($390)-

Every article presented in JAIIO must have an associated author inscription. Payment for additional articles will be applied only to the 2nd and 3rd articles to be registered by the same author. Registration must be paid before July 9, 2018 for the work to be published.

(1) Members of SADIO, IEEE, AADECA or EPIO. You must attach proof that you prove your affiliation to that institution and have your payments up to date.

(2) Teachers and graduate students must prove this condition.

(3) Students must show regular student documents at the time of registration. The benefit is for first carreer students.

(4) Students authors of the EST Contest may only present their work in said contest.

Consult for student packages and for registration of groups of 10 or more participants at informació