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Lunch places

This is a list of places near the Universidad de Palermo where you can go to lunch or have some coffee during the breaks. Note that we don’t have discount deals with them but we though it could be an useful list. You can organise into groups in our Slack! La Tolva Cuyagua Bar Café Café Cortazar Morillo ... Continue Reading

Final preparations

LatinR is just a few days from now and we are in the final preparations. We ask you, then, that you read carefully this information: Before LatinR We remind you that LatinR adheres to this code of conduct. We will use Slack to keep in touch. If haven’t yet, we suggest you to join. It is a great space to resolve any issues abo... Continue Reading

Financial aid to attend 47 JAIIO / LatinR2018

The Sociedad Argentina de Informática (SADIO) is pleased to invite applications for financial aid scholarships for graduate students to attend the 47 JAIIO. To apply for this scholarship, each applicant must complete this form (in Spanish). The awarding of the scholarship does not exempt you from registering for the 47 JAIIOs. Instructions for ... Continue Reading

LatinR Slack - Code of Conduct

Welcome! The LatinR Slack is a virtual space dedicated to meet and share experiences with attendees, authors and organizers of LatinR before and during the conference. Everyone in this workspace is required to agree with the following code of conduct. Organisers will enforce this code throughout the event and previous months. We expect coopera... Continue Reading

Talks contributed by our sponsors

Productivity in R with RStudio Javier Luraschi, Software Engineer at RStudio Summary: The creators of R provided a platform to process statistical computing freely and openly, which has enabled collaboration and extended its benefits worldwide; because it is better for everyone if the tools we use in scientific research are free and open. Maki... Continue Reading

One month free subscription on DataCamp

The first works sent and accepted to LatinR will recieve, at the moment of registrarion, a free month subscription to DataCamp, the leading platform for online learning for languages like R and Python. One of the most remarkable features of DataCamp is that, in addition to being able to complete isolated courses, it is possible to follow tracks... Continue Reading


Prices are in argentine pesos (ARS). The value in parenthesis corresonds to registrations after july 10th 2018. More information (in spanish) at JAIIO’s website. Category1st article / Attendance Additional article General$2.000 ($2600)$1.000 ($1.300) JAIIO member (2)$1.000 ($1.300)$500 ($600) Teacher (3)$1.200 ($1560)$600 ($780) Doctoral ... Continue Reading

Call for Papers

LatinR <- Latin American Conference about the Use of R in Research + Development The Argentinian Informatics Society (Sociedad Argentina de Informática, SADIO) is organizing the inaugural LatinR symposium within the 47th Argentinian Meeting of Informatics and Operational Research (Jornadas Argentinas de Informática e Investigación Operativ... Continue Reading

How to become a sponsor of 47 JAIIO

47 JAIIO, 47th Jornadas Argentinas de Informática, will take place at Palermo University, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from September 3rd to September 7th, 2018. The following are the sponsorship levels available to support the 47th JAIIO: 1° Principal Sponsor for the 47th JAIIO The organization has three (3) hours available for presentations,... Continue Reading

JAIIO Code of Conduct

Everyone at our conference are required to agree with the following code of conduct. Organisers will enforce this code throughout the event. We expect cooperation from all participants to help ensure a safe environment for everybody. Need Help? You have our contact details at the bottom of each Simposium’s webpage at Continue Reading


Attribution of the images used in this website: Photo of Buenos Aires’ coast: José María Pérez Nuñez Subway photo: Thomas Hobbs Graffiti photo: Christian Jiménez Star icon: Star from Landan Lloyd from the Noun Project. Newsstand photo: Zhu Continue Reading